Social Media Specialist

Title: Social Media Specialist

Venesco is looking for a Social Media Specialist to provide unparalleled support to our partner the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Job Description:

The Social Media Specialist’s primary responsibilities are to establish and implement the Drug Enforcement Administration’s communications goals to include Public, Congressional and internal audiences via social media strategies in support of the DEA mission, policies, and goals. This individual shall produce, coordinate and distribute content through social media platforms and oversee the use of social media communication tools by others within DEA. As well as participate in the creation of DEA’s strategic communication plan and develop a comprehensive social media campaign for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn that complements ongoing communications campaigns and agency-wide goals while also increasing DEA’s social media presence.

General Experience:

• Separate from social media campaigns, develops individual creative, interesting social media

content that appeals to DEA’s national/international audiences – content that builds

interest/impressions/likes, etc. on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Among DEA’s

goals – increase followers on all social media platforms by 10-20 percent within a year.

• Edit social media content created by others.

• Train others on the basics of using social media (primarily Twitter) and develops related

training materials.

• Create and maintain a social media calendar, which will include the workflow and the

scheduling of social media postings using tools such as Sprout Social.

• Produces reports of social media activity for senior leadership from scheduling programs (like

Hootsuite) as well as from native analysis functions in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and


• Create and edit .gifs and short video for social media deployment, and develops professional

looking still images/graphics/charts to illustrate posts/tweets.

• Use photo and video editing tools/software to create/manipulate photos and video clips for use

on social media (such as Photoshop and Adobe Premiere).

• Incorporate Adobe Stock images and other graphic asset resources, including emoji’s, vectors,

icons, etc., into social media posts.

• Conduct and/or manage live tweeting events such as press conferences, speeches, and

community outreach events.

Specialized Experience and duties

• Minimum of two years’ experience in:

• Basic graphics editing ability

• Experience with journalistic writing style

• Familiarity with drug law enforcement at the federal level

• Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously

• Ability to work within a content review and approval process for creative content.

• Familiarity with creating and deploying press releases, the media relations process, the conduct

of press conferences, and how to integrate social media with other agency online content. In

accordance with DEA-2852.242-78 for advertising, and media release.

• Demonstrates professional behavior in all relationships; actively listen to and address stakeholder concerns promptly.

• Works on multiple projects simultaneously

• Performs other related duties as assigned.

• Experience working in conjunction with other social media coordinators/specialists.

• Familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat,

Adobe Stock, Adobe Premiere, etc.)

• Experience using social media management tools such as Hoot suite, Sprout Social, etc.

manage workflows and approval of content as well as scheduling of posts on various social

media platforms.

• Experience planning, organizing and implementing programs and proposals that integrate

content and content production resources across a broad spectrum.

• Experience in creating/reviewing accessible web content that complies with the Section 508

Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

• Familiarity with the human resources recruiting process, specifically with how LinkedIn works

to amplify recruiting campaigns and USAJobs postings.

• Experience managing and increasing the social media presence of organizations with small to

medium numbers of followers.

• Experience developing synergies between postings/presence on multiple social media platforms,

and between various social media outlets and websites of an organization.

• Experience using paid social media buys, and the ability to target those resources effectively.

• Experience working within occasionally restrictive, federal government regulated social media

environments while understanding those sensitivities (i.e. no responding to tweets, restrain with opinion/use of sensitive information).

Required Degrees:
B.A or B.S degree in communications, journalism, marketing public relations, social media or similar is desirable.

Security Clearance:

Citizenship: United States
Clearance requirement: Must be able to obtain Public Trust security clearance

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