NASA Senior IT PM – Washington, DC

Senior Project Manager

Venesco, LLC is seeking a Senior Project Management team member to provide support within the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) OIG Office of Management and Planning (OMP) Information Technology Services (ITS).

This is a full-time position for an experienced IT Project Management Professional (PMP) certified Project Manager. The Project Manager will be assigned to NASA OIG OMP ITS and report directly to the NASA OIG Chief Technical Officer. The Project Manager will be responsible for executing IT projects and mentoring other project managers.


  • Deliver a Project Management Office (PMO) Plan and implement a PMO that is consistent with industry best practices and NASA /NAS OIG polices, in accordance with NPR 7120.7. Deliverables will include applying current and future program and project management best practices, methodologies, tools, project management resources, automation, scheduling, resource management, resource allocation, documentation, centralization, standardization, consolidation, and operational readiness for the NASA OIG OMP ITS.
  • Include ITS operational functionality and integration of sub-projects within the PMO accordingly and include automation and quality control and quality assurance best practices.
  • Plan, coordinate, direct, and evaluate resources allocation, project management efforts, program management costs and budgets, and provide array of program and/or project management deliverables within a timely manner.
  • Report directly to the NASA OIG OMP ITS CTO and work with NASA OIG OMP ITS federal employees.
  • Serve as the primary PM for any and/or all aspects of standing up the NASA OIG OMP ITS PMO.
  • Serve as the primary Point of Contact (PoC) for all project management and PMO initiatives.
  • Serve as the primary PM and POC for all projects and/or sub-projects within the NASA OIG OMP ITS section. Duties are as assigned by the CTO.
  • Prepare and attend all meetings pertaining to PMO and/or projects within the NASA OIG OMP ITS, and prepare and deliver all meeting notes, meeting materials, meeting agenda items, and after-action items within in a timely manner.
  • Deliver all PMO status efforts on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and annual basis. The deliverables must be in written and graph format and may be change at the direction of the NASA OIG OMP ITS CTO.
  • Work with NASA / NASA OIG vendors, Project Managers, federal staff, and other SMEs, to clearly define project management and PMO roles and responsibilities accordingly.
  • Create and maintain all project management deliverables and documentation as described in NPR 7120.7.
  • Lead and manage PMO program efforts that will include agendas, resources allocation, costs, project plan, charters, WBS, workflows, charts, graphs, analytics, risks, and quality assurance.
  • Plan, direct, schedule, and/or host internal and external meetings accordingly.
  • Create PMO charts, workflow diagrams, system reports, provide PMO and PM metrics, deliver weekly PM reports, and prepare agenda items and tasks for meetings accordingly, and will post deliverables within a centralized repository.
  • Deliver PMO timelines and/or schedules for planning and implementing new and existing IT project management initiatives for NASA OIG OMP ITS.
  • Work with other NASA and NASA OIG resources to define project management goals and objectives as assigned.
  • Develop and/or create all required documentation and/or populate forms (both physical and/or electronic) within a timely manner.
  • Create formal record and list(s) of existing and future NASA OIG OMP ITS projects and define and prioritize projects for the PMO accordingly.
  • Work with OIG OMP ITS on duties as assigned for project management initiatives and will work with the NASA OIG OMP ITS staff accordingly on resource allocation and future project management requirements.
  • Implement IT consolidation, standardization, centralization, and cost effectiveness within the NASA OIG OMP ITS PMO.
  • Leverage existing and future NASA OICIO resources and implement NASA best practices in conjunction with NASA OIG requirements.
  • Work directly with the NASA OIG CTO and the NASA OIG OMP ITS staff, and the Cloud Computing Service Line within the Office of the Chief Information Officer on NASA OIG enterprise cloud program initiatives and create project management plans for items such as NASA OIG legacy to cloud migration initiatives, for standing up the NASA OIG OMP ITS PMO.
  • Project Manager will provide policy, process and procedure process improvement services and consultation to the OIG CTO accordingly.
  • Deliver an OIG OMP ITS PMO Charter within the first month of onboarding.
  • Deliver an OIG OMP ITS PMO Plan within the first month of onboarding.
  • Deliver an OIG OMP ITS PMO Implementation Plan within four months of onboarding.
  • Deliver an Implementation Schedule within the first month of onboarding.
  • Deliver a Project Management Centralized Repository within three months of onboarding.
  • Deliver a workflow diagram for the OIG OMP ITS PMO within three months of onboarding.
  • Deliver a process and procedure(s) for Project Management best practices within six months of onboarding.


  • 15 years of experience
  • BS/BA
  • PMP certified
  • Experience standing up a Project Management Office

To apply: Please send resume to

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