Web Content Manager

Title: Web Content Manager

Venesco is looking for a Web Content Manager to provide unparalleled support to our partner the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Job Description:

The Web Content Manager shall develop and provide content that will motivate and entertain users so that they regularly access the websites and utilize the sites as major sources for information and decision making. This individual shall manage and perform website editorial activities including gathering and researching information that enhances the value of the websites. This individual shall locate, negotiate and pursue content and gathering feedback for website improvement and enhancements. This individual shall maintain hardware and software critical to the creation and maintenance of content for the websites. This individual shall monitor usage and performance, create and maintain backups, and troubleshoot and resolve issues as they arise with regards to content of the websites.

General Experience:

Web Content Manager must have excellent writing and editing skills, with an understanding of the special requirements of writing for the Web, such as the use of keywords, hyperlinks, navigation and the importance of brevity. This individual must have a good eye for detail, with excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills. This individual must have good interpersonal skills to work effectively with contributors, designers and webmasters. And, they need good organizational skills to collate material

from multiple sources and produce web content within tight deadlines. The Web Content Manager shall be responsible for the development of content for the websites. This individual shall work with contributors, such as the CPO Staff, program managers, marketing executives, researchers, photographers, graphic artists or image libraries to gather material for websites. This individual shall create original content and write material themselves. This individual shall check content for accuracy and ensure that it complies with 508/accessibility, copyright, and privacy regulations. This individual

shall edit the copy to make it easy to read on a website page or convert longer content to a format that visitors can download. To meet the needs of visitors who view websites on tablet computers or smartphones, this individual shall modify content so that it is easy to view on smaller screens.

The Web Content Manager shall work with other Web professionals, such as Web designers, developers and webmasters to determine the best way to present information online. This individual shall upload content themselves or provide material to designers or webmasters. This individual shall contact contributors to find out if material needs to be updated, and they encourage contributors to supply new content to keep the website fresh for returning visitors.

Specific Experience

• Experience in production management.

• Experience in web page design.

• Experience in HTML and web graphics types and standards.

• Experience in education and drug awareness and prevention a plus

• Previous experience in an editorial or Web related position a plus


• Web content development, management and writing.

• Research, write and edit web and intranet content from scratch.

• Write web content based on material supplied by CPO Staff or other contributors.

• Write alt-text for images.

• Write descriptions for images, frames and iframes tags.

• Write content for frames and iframe tags.

• Collaborate with the CPO Staff and other contributors on the proper formatting of content for the websites.

• Edit print documents for publication online.

• Edit web pages for on-screen readability.

• Proofread final draft of web pages.

• Write titles.

• Write content for meta keyword and description tags.

• In certain situations, this individual shall be expected to write HTML and/or XML.

• Test and edit forms for usability.

• Evaluate web sites for strategy.

• Design the look of the initial pages of each social media account to ensure the consistency in look and content as it relates to both websites.

• Recommends content to the sites based on the target audiences, market research of how internet users are accessing websites, and adaptability to various types of technology.

• Develop content for the overall design/redesign and structure of the sites.

• Develop/recommend interactive surveys that are targeted for marketing the websites.

• Conduct research of content on the websites and update as necessary. This individual shall become familiar with drug use information from national surveys and research studies to enhance the sites.

• Manage and update content to ensure that content relative to all sites will be updated simultaneously on all sites.

• Monitor the content of the websites to identify outdated information and make recommendations for its removal and ensure that there are no broken links on the sites.

• Design the look of each social media account (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) to ensure the consistency in look and content as it relates to the websites.

• Update the content on the approved social media accounts as information on the websites is updated.

• Research and write content to support content development and/or updates with current, new and timely information. Such content includes, but not limited to, drug related news articles and/or information from surveys, and the creation and updating of existing PowerPoint presentations and drug facts as necessary.

• Provide and create graphics for incorporation into the overall website designs, advertising and print materials based on content from the websites. Such graphics may include, but not limited to, photos (purchased to include licenses) and originally developed graphic art.

• Assist in the translation of content to a foreign language (i.e., Spanish), as needed.

• Collaborate with the CPO Staff to support the design and printing of materials associated with the websites, such as palm cards and factsheets about the Just Think Twice and Get Smart About Drugs initiative.

• Collaborate with the Staff on the development of web content and materials for DEA –sponsored campaigns, such as Red Ribbon Patch Program and other campaigns that DEA supports such as NIDA’s National Drug Fact Week.

• Demonstrates professional behavior in all relationships; actively listen to and address stakeholder concerns promptly.

• Works on multiple projects simultaneously

• Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Degrees:
Bachelor’s degree in English, journalism or mass communication or related field and demonstrated technical competency.

Security Clearance:

Citizenship: United States
Clearance requirement: Must be able to obtain Public Trust security clearance

For questions or to submit your résumé, please contact us at careers@venesco.com.