Systems Analyst I, II, III, IV & V

Position Title: Systems Analyst I, II, III, IV & V

Location: NASA HQ – Washington, DC


Analyzes information systems requirements and planning for the current and future system sizing and capacity requirements of the system.

Has knowledge of methodologies used in designing scalability into the system, and knowledge of available hardware, system software, and input/output devices.

Analyzes information technology requirements to provide system capabilities required for projected workloads.

Plans layout and installation of new system or modification of existing system.

Understands all facets of computer components at the mainframe, UNIX. Linux, and microcomputer levels, including planning, installation, maintenance, administration, and integration of system software DB products.

Performs computer systems research and analysis and provides recommendations for the most productive use of the variety of computer resources.

Participates with or leads teams in the analysis and design of new large-scale application computer systems and/or modifications or changes to existing systems.

Performs capacity planning and management of large-scale computer systems environments and recommends expansion/replacement of existing hardware and software components utilizing latest state- of-the-art hardware and software available from a wide range of commercial vendors.

Works with technical staff and project managers to obtain information on limitations and capabilities of existing system.

Develops system requirements and program specifications, from which programmers prepare detailed flow charts, programs, and tests.

Coordinates closely with programmers to ensure proper implementation of program and system specifications.

Develops, in conjunction with functional users, system alternative solutions.



Systems Analyst 1: High School Diploma

Systems Analyst II – V: BS/ BA or Equivalent



Systems Analyst I: <2 Years

Systems Analyst II: 2-5 Years

Systems Analyst III: 5-8 Years

Systems Analyst IV: 8-15 Years

Systems Analyst V: >15 Years