Radiological Chemist role for APHC in Aberdeen Proving Ground

Requiring Activity Name: U.S. Army Public Health Center Support to the Area of the Laboratory Sciences (LAB) Directorate, Radiological (RAD)

Relocation assistance is possible for this position.

Section: Technical Scientific Support Chemistry

·        Responsible for providing analytical support for environmental and occupational health samples, supporting military deployment efforts; industrial hygiene, permit compliance, water quality, and waste disposal, to help solve technical problems involving identification of radiation and radioisotopes in various solids, water, wipes, and air samples.

·        Conduct complex radiochemical analyses of environmental and occupational health samples determining radioactivity and radioisotope concentrations.

·        Perform radiochemical analyses, resolving conflicts as needed.

·        Evaluate and report results as required. (Deliverable 21)

·        Operate sophisticated laboratory equipment such as liquid scintillation counter (LSC), gas flow proportional counter (GFPC), gamma spectrometer, and/or alpha spectrometer.

·        Check quality control data, correcting actions as required.

·        Identify radiation and radioisotopes found, concentrations, and techniques used. (Deliverable 22)

·        Develop, plan and perform radiochemical analyses in accordance with plans developed. (Deliverable 23)

·        Recognize anomalies or discrepancies in data obtained, conducts additional experiments, resolving conflicts and documenting results as required.

·        Perform complex chemical tasks and special studies as needed.

·        Develop, adapt, modify, and implement analytical testing methods as needed. (Deliverable 24)

·        Determine approach and analytical instruments for required data.

·        Improve laboratory processes, increasing quality, and reducing waste and costs.

·        Troubleshoot and maintain laboratory instruments, performing minor repairs as required.

·        Recommend new analytical equipment as needed.

·        Train on equipment operations and analyses as required.

The government location VLJV supports must place you on an NRC license for open source radiological materials and is an ISO accredited production facility (not a research facility). Requirement is a 30-day overview of the government location equipment, SOPs, etc before this new hire is included on the NRC permit as an authorized user (working independently without supervision). A committee will judge if you have the right mix of education and experience to become an authorized user.

MUST Be able to answer the following questions below:

Interview Questions:

1. Do you have a total of 5 years of experience working with radioactive isotopes?

2. List each isotope you have you worked with

A) How long you worked with each isotope

B) Level of each isotope (curie sources / larger materials)

C) Methods do you know (EPA 900)

D) What method have you used

E) How long did you work with each method

3. List where and when you were placed on an NRC license permit using open source radiological materials as a –

A) technical user (must be supervised) –

B) authorized user (trained to work independently) –

4. List when and where you completed a 40 hours Radiation Training course

5. Bachelor’s Degree or master’s degree (Physics, Chemistry or Physical Science (Geology)

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Job Type: Full-time

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