Project Manager I, II, III, IV &V

Position Title: Project Manager I, II, III, IV &V

Location: NASA HQ – Washington, DC


Responsible for running complex programs and projects- from design and development through production and deployment.

Creates strategies for contingency planning and risk mitigation.

Plans and schedules project goals, milestones, and deliverables.

Defines requirements and plans the project lifecycle deployment.

Defines resources and schedule for project and program implementation.

Identifies and solves project issues effectively.

Oversees and directs the project engineering team and manages conflicts within the different groups.

Develops RFP (Requests for Proposals) for external services.

Performs team assessment and evaluations.

Exhibits leadership qualities to define requirements for project risks.

Possesses organizational, presentation, and customer service skills.

Designs and maintains project and technical documentation.

Possesses in-depth knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Assembles project teams, assigns individual responsibilities, develops project schedules, and is responsible for determining and acquiring resources needed.

Must be familiar with the entire scope and requirements of project(s) and serves as liaison between team members and functional area management requesting project.


BS/ BA or Equivalent

PMP Certification



Project Manager I: <5 Years

Project Manager II: 5-8 Years

Project Manager III: 8-10 Years

Project Manager IV: 10-15 Years

Project Manager V: >15 Years


Technical Requirements:

Experienced in creating and maintaining Integrated Master Schedules, and applying Earned Value Management techniques.