Cybersecurity Developer Level I, II, and III

Position Title: Cybersecurity Developer Level I, II, and III

Location: NASA HQ – Washington, DC


Develops security software and ensures security is implemented during software development

Conceives, proposes, and designs software security to mitigate weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Researches and tests new security technologies and processes to enhance security capabilities

Analyzes and assesses infrastructures for potential vulnerabilities that may result from improper configurations, hardware or software flaws, or operational weaknesses

Performs security monitoring, log analysis, and forensic analysis to detect security incidents and mount incident response

Assesses and reports on the impact of security issues that are discovered; recommends and develops mitigation strategies or technical solutions

Assesses system information security policies against client policies

Ensures policies are comprehensive to the system

Evaluates security components against their ability to resist threats in the deployed environment, evaluates configurations and implementation of firewalls, proxy servers, routers, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), wireless networks, etc., against policy requirements, industry best practices, and vendor recommendations

Plans and integrates the installation of new or modified security hardware, operating systems, and software applications

Conducts vulnerability assessments and penetration testing customized to system functionality and technical requirements, and based on status within security assessment and authorization cycle and authority to operate status

Perform computer network exploitation development: embedded reverse engineering, vulnerability research, and application development for software and embedded systems with a focus on Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO) and Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) activities

Develops test plans and tests software security mechanisms for operational effectiveness and deployment readiness; develops test and evaluation reports


BS/ BA or Equivalent



Cybersecurity Engineer I: 5 Years

Cybersecurity Engineer II: 10 Years

Cybersecurity Engineer III: 15 Years

Technical Requirements:

DoD 8140/DoD 8570 IAT Level II Certification