Behavioral Health Trainers, Psychologist (DoD)

Venesco LLC is looking for a licensed Psychologist to effectively train/mentor DoD IBHCs and BHCFs in areas related to the delivery of care via the PCBH and care management models respectively. For now, this is a remote position but will require travelling once COVID restrictions are lifted.


  • Clearly articulate and review with the trainee the mentor role in a manner consistent with the scope of mentor services
  • Establish and maintain a continuous learning relationship involving predictable phone or in-vivo training over time (making time available for unplanned emergent discussions)
  • Provide assessment, training and mentorship services to trainees in areas including DoD PCBH clinical, practice management, consultation, documentation, administrative, and team performance core competencies as outlined in the IBHC and BHCF Core Competency Tools.
  • Train and mentor during MTF site visits, face-to-face meetings
  • Review trainee submitted audio and/or video recordings of trainee work as well as review trainee medical documentation during telephone and video teleconference contacts. This is all based off of what has been learned during the initial IBHC and BHCF training as well as the core competency models.
  • Conduct site visits to DoD MTFs and site visit out-briefs with clinic leadership at the conclusion of each site visit, providing clear summary and appropriate recommendations. A prioritized list of site visit locations will be provided by the PCBH Directorate two months in advance of the visits. MTF site visits will occur as follows: * 3-4 months after an IBHC completes initial training in the PCBH model and every 12-18 months thereafter (2 days in clinic not including travel).

Travel to a minimum of two site visit locations each month (approximately one site visit every other week).
* BHCF visits every 12-18 months during IBHC site visit (1 additional day in clinic where BHCFs are co- located)
* As needed visits for IBHCs and BHCFs who need remedial assistance (at the discretion of DoD PCBH Service Leads and DHCC Primary Care Behavioral Health Directorate leadership)

  • Additional contacts with IBHCs via telephone or videoconference will occur as follows: One hour every other week for three months after initial training and as needed thereafter.


  • Doctorate degree
  • License in Psychology
  • 3 years primary care experience
  • Training and evaluation experience
  • Must be willing to travel (after COVID restrictions are lifted).

Venesco LLC, is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. Venesco is committed to administering all employment and personnel actions on the basis of merit and free of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, or status as an individual with a disability. Consistent with this commitment, we are dedicated to the employment and advancement of qualified minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, protected veterans, persons of all ethnic backgrounds and religions according to their abilities.

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